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Secure Your Summer: Estate Plan and Living Trust Online

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Group of people enjoying a beach day by a van, representing carefree summer planning with an estate and living trust."

The Unexpected and Your Complete Estate Plan: Safeguarding Your Future

As we dive into the excitement of summer adventures, life's unexpected moments are often the last thing on our minds. Accidents, sudden illnesses, or unforeseen events can happen anytime. These situations can leave your family grappling with legal complexities during already challenging times. Having a complete estate plan is an essential tool for planning for these unexpected moments. It provides a safety net that ensures your loved ones are cared for and your assets are managed according to your wishes.

The Power of a Living Trust: Bypassing Probate and Safeguarding Privacy

Creating a living trust forms a pivotal part of your complete estate plan. This legal arrangement holds your assets during your lifetime. Upon your passing, it facilitates a swift and efficient transfer of your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries. The primary advantage of a living trust? It bypasses the often time-consuming and costly probate process, maintaining your family's privacy during challenging times.

Simplified Online Creation of a Living Trust: With, It's Easy and Affordable

Navigating the world of estate planning can be daunting. But with, we've simplified the process of creating an estate plan online. Our user-friendly platform guides you through each step, enabling you to craft a personalized living trust that aligns with your specific needs. It's easy, affordable, and reliable.

More than a Living Trust: The Components of a Complete Estate Plan

While a living trust is an integral part of a comprehensive estate plan, it's not the only component. A complete estate plan also includes directives for healthcare decisions, appoints guardians for minor children, and addresses other crucial considerations. These elements provide an additional layer of protection for you and your family, ensuring every eventuality is covered.

Secure Your Summer with Creation of Your Estate Plan Online Made Easy

As you pack your bags and plan your itinerary, add one more item to your vacation checklist: establishing a living trust and complete estate plan online with Set off on your vacation knowing you've taken the critical steps to safeguard your loved ones and your legacy.


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