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Secure Your Future with an Online Living Trust - A Simple and Affordable Solution

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Are you among the 67% of Americans who lack a prepared estate plan or living trust? Perhaps you're deterred by the average attorney fees for estate plan and living trust setup, which can reach up to $2500. Or maybe, like 42% of Americans, you find estate planning too costly or time-consuming. Today, we're here to change that narrative. With, you can create a trust online, setup a complete estate plan, and secure your future—all within just 5 minutes and for a one-time fee of $299 for individuals or $399 for married/joint plans.

The Easy Path to Online Living Trusts

At, we simplify the process of setting up an online living trust. No more lengthy meetings, high fees, or complex paperwork. Instead, you'll find a quick, straightforward, and affordable solution to your estate planning needs.

  1. Pick Your Plan: Choose from our individual or married/joint plans, each tailored to your unique needs and wishes with transparent pricing and extensive features.

  2. Complete the Questionnaire: Our quick 5-minute questionnaire allows you to create a state-specific estate plan tailored to your unique needs and wishes.

  3. Receive Your Estate Plan: In just a few minutes, we'll send your tailor-made estate plan and living trust straight to your inbox.

  4. Finalize Your Documents: Simply sign your documents in front of a notary, and your estate plan is all set. It's an easy path to peace of mind.

The Benefits of Creating a Trust Online

When you create a trust online with, you're not only saving money and time—you're securing a future that aligns with your wishes. Our complete estate plan includes a Living Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive, Guardianship, and Burial Instructions.

Say No to Probate Complications & Expensive Fees: Ditch the headaches of probate and costly fees. Our comprehensive estate planning services safeguard your legacy and boost your savings.

Decision Making on Your Terms, Appoint Trustworthy Proxies: Our service includes Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive forms, allowing those you trust to manage your financial matters, healthcare, business affairs, children's welfare, and digital assets if needed【8†source】.

Maintain Your Privacy with a Living Trust: A living trust offers the key benefit of privacy. It keeps your assets, beneficiaries, and distribution plans away from the public eye, ensuring a higher level of control over your estate.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our clients' testimonials speak for our service. Sarah M says, "I was amazed at how this service simplified estate planning. It saved me time, money, and gave me peace of mind, all without leaving my house." Robert H adds, "Just like that, I had an estate plan and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. No stress, no hassle, just peace of mind".

Are you ready to create a will online, setup a living trust, and secure your future? Start your online estate planning journey with us today. Check out our easy-to-understand sample to see what your estate plan would look like. Take the first step towards a secured future today with, your dependable partner in DIY online estate planning services. In just 5 minutes, you can secure your future and experience the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive estate plan


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