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Pets and Your Estate: How to Include Your Furry Friends in Living Trusts and Wills

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

An abandoned dog sits alone on the side of the road, highlighting the urgent need for including pets in estate planning through living trusts and wills.

The Importance of Planning for Your Pet's Future

Our pets fill our lives with immeasurable joy and companionship. So, it's natural to worry about what will happen to them should you no longer be around to care for them. A living trust or will is crucial for this very reason. With, safeguarding your pet's future is as simple and efficient as ever. Here's how you can set up your estate plans to include your beloved pets using the user-friendly services of

Pets in Legal Terms: More Than Just Property

Though the law often views pets as personal property, we all know they mean much more than that to us. If you haven't made any estate plans, there's a risk your pet might not end up in the caring hands you would hope for. provides a comprehensive toolkit to create a plan that ensures your pet’s well-being long after you're gone.

Choose a Living Trust: An Instant and Detailed Option

A living trust is a superior choice for detailed and immediate planning for your pet's future. Through, you can customize a pet trust as part of your broader living trust, and best of all—no probate hassles!

How to Set Up Your Pet Trust with

  1. Pick Your Plan: Choose between Individual, Married, or Joint plans. Transparent pricing starts at just $299.

  2. Complete the 5-Minute Questionnaire: Tailor your state-specific estate plan to meet your pet’s unique needs.

  3. Get Your Custom Estate Plan: In just minutes, receive your tailored estate plan right in your inbox.

  4. Finalize Your Documents: Sign in front of a notary, and your estate plan is ready to go!

Benefits of Using for Pet Care Planning

The advantages are numerous:

  • Cost-Effective: With fees as low as $299, say goodbye to the average $2500 attorney fees.

  • Rapid & Convenient: Your estate plan is just clicks away. Receive it in minutes, not weeks.

  • Transparent & Comprehensive: From a Living Trust to Burial Instructions, everything you need is included.

Make Your Living Trust Work for You and Your Pet

Our pets are loyal companions, and they deserve a secure future. provides an easy, affordable way to incorporate your pet’s care into your estate planning. With the platform's quick, cost-effective solution, you create a seamless plan that ensures your pet continues to live a happy, healthy life. Secure your pet's future today with, because peace of mind for you and your pet is just a click away.



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