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Maximizing Your Legacy: How a Living Trust Could be Your Ideal Financial Strategy

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

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Pave the way for smoother wealth transition with this compelling trust solution.

Creating an estate plan can seem like an overwhelming process, particularly when you're engrossed in your career or busy raising a family. However, now is the best time to ponder on how you'd want your assets to be distributed when the inevitable happens.

There are various options to secure your legacy, from simple gifting, writing a basic will, to establishing trusts, and other complex financial tools. One that stands out due to its benefits is the living trust.

Understanding a Living Trust

A living trust is a mechanism that allows you to dictate how your assets should be managed while you're alive and distributed after you pass away. As the grantor and trustee, you move your investments, cash, real estate, and other assets into the trust while maintaining control over these assets during your lifetime.

Upon your passing, these assets are distributed as per your written instructions, managed by the successor trustee that you have designated in the trust document.

Securing Privacy and Cutting Costs with a Living Trust

A living trust is a private document that bypasses the formal probate process, which often entails time, potential public scrutiny, and added costs. Wills typically undergo probate court administration and distribution, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

A living trust, on the other hand, offers a streamlined process ensuring your beneficiaries receive the full amount you intended. Moreover, unlike probate records, trusts aren't public. If maintaining privacy regarding your assets, including the recipients and the amount left, is vital to you, a living trust could be an excellent option.

Tailoring Your Giving

With a living trust, you, as the grantor, have the liberty to specify beneficiaries, determine the amount they receive, and when they get it. Beneficiaries could range from spouses, children, other relatives, business partners, to your favorite local dog shelter. These detailed directives can prevent disputes and ensure assets are divided exactly as per your wishes.

Making a Timely Decision

A living trust can be a convenient method for you to distribute your hard-earned wealth in a manner that you deem most satisfying and appropriate. Whether it's the ideal way depends on your desire for control, efficiency, and the size and complexity of your estate.

At, we offer a complete estate plan which includes a living trust, will, power of attorney, and healthcare directive. The cost is $299 for individuals and $399 for married or joint, making it an affordable solution for securing your legacy.

Investing time in creating an estate plan now can instill confidence that you've made the most financially sound decisions for the future, ensuring your hard work continues to bear fruit long after you're gone. Visit today and start creating your legacy.


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